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Debt Collection Agencies

Are you getting hounded by a collection agency and are unable to determine who they are? It is common for collection agencies to use several different phone numbers from call centers in multiple locations.

Use this dropdown as a reference to locate some of the most common debt collection agencies in practice today with some of their associated phone numbers.


Dealing with debt collectors - Davis Consumer Law Firm |
Dealing with Debt Collectors

Keep a log of calls, writing down basic information about the debt collector: 1) who they are, 2)their phone number, 3)the amount of the debt, 4)and the name of the original creditor.

For each call, you should note the collection agent you spoke with and describe what was said in the phone call, (ie. promises to pay, payment arrangements, or more importantly, any threats or harassment from the collection agency). Some states allow recording calls, which would be recommended in these cases. Other call recording state laws prevent calls to be recorded, unless ALL parties consent to the calls being recorded. If you reside in such a state, be sure to disclose to the debt collector that you wish to record to phone conversation.

Another IMPORTANT step is to dispute the debt - in writing - immediately. Request proof of the debt which holds the debt collector responsible for coming up with the proof of what you owe (within 30 days of contact from the initial notice from the debt collector). Some collection agencies are even starting to respond to validation requests with summons to appear in court. A collection agency cannot file suit against you if they haven't validated the debt within the initial 30 day period. If they did, they may have broken an FDCPA violation.